Ramses Hernandez

I have been a South Florida resident since 1998 and a Real Estate Advisor since 2013. My goal is to earn my customer's trust and business by making their home buying experience the smoothest transaction they will ever make. My job is not easy, but it is exciting, and I consider myself very fortunate to enjoy what I do every day. One of the most exciting aspects of my job is that I never know where it will take me tomorrow or what amazing people I will meet and learn from along the way.

My earliest and most formative experiences working with seasoned Real Estate Investors have ever since given my approach a distinctive vision based on verifiable facts, parameters, professional diplomacy, objectiveness and integrity. I adhere to my approach, to Florida Law, and to the Code of Ethics while working with everyday Buyers and everyday Sellers. This has consistently proven to protect my customers’ interest, which my number one rule. This is the recipe that has allowed me to earn my customers’ trust and business. It’s that simple.

My experiences have taught me listen to a Buyer’s wants and needs in order to find the best options, compare them, and effectively narrow them down a short list. This is a process in which I enjoy actively engaging my customer as it is a crucial part of their learning and decision-making process.

Beyond current market conditions, factors to contrast and compare include, but are not limited to, property location within a neighborhood, property conditions, fixed bridges, lot size and living area, privacy, home features and their useful lives, recent sales prices of regular sales and sales of distressed properties; market value of vacant land, demolition ready properties, and new construction properties; credits provided by Sellers in recent sales, local market trends; Seller’s Realtor methodology, style, and previous transactions; local customs, rental rates within the correct comparable area, maintenance fees, and property taxes. These among many others affect the desirability and value options available to a Buyer and the manner in which a negotiation must be approached. Ignoring any of these can be a costly mistake. I can help you see this process in full color to ensure that you will know your decision is the right one.

Working with investors has also provided me with a tool that is a great benefit for a Seller. Negotiating from both sides of a transaction is a skill that has undeniably been sharpened by my efforts in acquisitions of bank owned properties for my investor clients. Lenders' Realtors and Asset Managers are the absolute toughest negotiators in the industry and they have taught me a few skills I have not seen in many other Seller's Realtors. While every deal is different, there is always a certain intuition and certain goodwill-building strategies which result in successful negotiations and are only acquired and accomplished by learning the right questions to ask and the right answers that may or may not be offered. Above all, the way in which they are offered during preliminary and serious negotiations says much about how a negotiation must be approached.

I strongly believe that genuine customer service does not go unnoticed and survives every transaction. The most rewarding compensation I can expect to receive is the continued relationship with my customers. The referrals and the repeat business I always receive in recognition of my devotion to their success and as a result of putting their best interest first are my ultimate goals. My team and professional sphere include the best Realtors, Brokers, Marketers and Lenders in the industry with decades of experience and a passion for success. All our tools, skills, experience, advice, and resources are at your service and will undoubtedly prove essential in achieving your goals.

Our Client's


"I couldn’t be happier to be able to count on Ramses Hernandez as my Real Estate professional. He showed commitment, integrity and professionalism from day one and brokered two great deals for two properties I purchased in the middle of the real estate crisis of 2021/2022. Ramses made my success a top priority and helped me save thousands of dollars. This is why I can wholeheartedly recommend him."

Alvaro Guevara, 4 Global Enterprises, COO.

"I could not have asked for a better Realtor. Ramses is the best out there. He is a very patient and an honest person with a lot of knowledge in real estate. Ramses worked with us for over three months while it was a sellers market with very few listings. I believe we must have seen over 30 properties and he still kept looking until the right property came along. On a weekly basis we still heard from him until closing. If you are looking for a passionate, true professional Realtor, you can't go wrong hiring his services. He will be with you every step of the way until closing. Thank you for your unforgettable service, we will hire you again and refer you to family and friends."

Fernando Padron, ABC Properties

"Ramses was more than helpful in helping us find our home. The housing market has been pretty crazy, but Ramses remained professional, resourceful and reliable through this entire process. He was honest, upfront, and knowledgeable. We learned a lot from him! We felt like he was always on our side and we could depend on him to guide us with making offers. He helped us find our home that fit right in our price range! He was easy to communicate with and was ready to answer any of our questions. Ramses is highly recommended! Thank you Ramses for all your help!"

Monica Cabezas

"I want to sincerely thank you for all you have done for me throughout this journey. Your knowledge and experience in the field is the only reason we were able to get this deal. Although it was a long process that was not on your part, in the midst of the most challenging market of all time, you got three contracts sign. I also want to thank your team that helps with everything behind the scene."

Anderson Charles

"Ramses helped us to purchase our new home. He is very organized, punctual and patience. He took his time to show us properties that fit our budget and preference; he is really patience and friendly unlike other Realtors. Besides, he helped us during the entire process from beginning to the end. I highly recommend him if you are looking for a new property. Thank you Ramses!!!!"

Suhua Huang

"When moving to South Florida, I reached to to a long list of realtors. Many were either not interested or simply wanted to show me a few properties and have me commit immediately. Ramses patiently help me find a temporary property to rent on Miami Beach while taking me all over South Florida showing me well over 100 properties before I committed to purchasing a house. Ramses is a dedicated individual and the most honest realtor I have had the pleasure of doing business with."

Rodion Davydov, Reliable Site, CEO.

“Ramses is our agent with whom we have a real pleasure working with. We live in CT and looking for the property in Miami. Ramses has great understanding of our needs, he spends his time to to visit properties, invites contractors to estimate the cost of renovation, takes pictures of everything that has to be done... We are always impressed with his work on comps and pricing. On top of being excellent professional he has a great personality. I would recommend him to any one”

Larissa Davydova

“Ramses was pleasant, a great listener, knowledgeable but tough on my price and a great advocate. He sold my unsellable house and got me the dream home I'm in now. I'd give him more stars if I could”

Julianne Lara

Ramses Hernandez has been our agent in our search for a new family home since before the pandemic. Prices and interest rates increased as well as Buyers’ competition. He was patient with us and we looked at hundreds of homes. Finally, last year, we found the perfect home and Ramses was very professional dealing with the Seller’s Agent and our Mortgage Broker. We are now 5 months in our new home and very pleased with Ramses. He has also become a close friend.

Jack Jaunbral, Precision Poolwerks, Owner & CEO.

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